ATLAS Services

Pipeline Fabrication Services

ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited US, fabricates and installs complex oil and gas pipeline facility systems. Our highly trained and experienced Union Trade construction professionals work together to ensure the highest quality and safest project execution. These skilled professionals will help you construct a new pipeline or facility that best meets your needs.
Whether its installing additional horsepower for greater flow-through capacity or fabricating and installing complex header assemblies, we self-perform mechanical installations with exacting specifications. We successfully and safely execute hundreds of projects of all sizes every year. ATLAS has extensive experience in performing outage/shut-down work under rigorous schedules and in many cases, we’ve decreased clients’ outage time with our innovative project strategies.
We offer custom fabrication for oil, natural gas and product pipeline construction services, our ISO 9001:2015-certified pipe fabrication shop owns extensive fabrication, welding, painting, testing and lay down facilities and is a one-stop shop for fabrication of pipe ranging from 2 to 48 inches in diameter and 120 feet in length.
Since the formation of ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited, we have aspired to pipeline fabrication that meets the most current standards of the industry. Our UA and ASME certified fabrication shop with ample adjacent yard space allows our experienced pipe fitters to work on projects year-round. We constantly invests in state-of-the-art welding equipment to deliver the best quality product. We realize that heat input on the steel can be a concern for some clients, and we have a variety of solutions to address these concerns. We can fabricate carbon steel, alloys, and stainless steel piping to exact specifications. In both of our submerged arc automatic welding bays, we offer pipe welding capacity (SAW) up to 60 inches and specialize in both large-bore and small-bore pipe.

ATLAS fabrication shop, located in Aberdeen, Scotland provides the reliability of constant conditions, guaranteeing your project won’t be held up due to inclement weather. This can often lead to cost savings and time savings for a project. Welding to ASME and API codes is our specialty. If necessary, we can carry out welding engineering and procedure qualifications on-site, including low temperature procedures qualified to -50F.
Whether our client provides fabrication drawings, needs us to draft and build at our shop, requires us to perform critical field layout, 3D scanning or tie-ins onsite, we have the ability to customize a project based on your needs. Our clients choose us for our success with 3- and 4-point tie-ins that can accommodate tying into existing pipe that may have settled or is out of square. We pride ourselves in eliminating most stress on piping tie-ins by making our fabrication spools fit like a glove. Our fabrication shop can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required.


ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited provides on-going maintenance services for existing pipeline facility systems. Our experienced professionals are U.K Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Operator Qualified (OQ). 

OQ personnel routinely provide pipeline trouble-shooting and general maintenance work, service live equipment and complete a wide range of other special services.
Hydrostatic Testing
Anomaly Investigation and Segment Repair
Facility Dismantle and Demolition
Welded Sleeve Installation
Composite Sleeve Installation
Pipe Integrity Wrap and Coating
Pipe Re-coating
Pipe Cut-outs
Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) Tool Loading and Receiving and Pigging Support
Hydrovac Excavation
Mechanical Excavation
Valve Maintenance and Change Outs
Line Lowering and Depth of Cover Restoration
Right-of-Way Clearing and Restoration
Cathodic Protection
ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited has a solid reputation for successfully completing some of the most challenging outages, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the project requires. We focus on maintaining our strong safety record and quality workmanship.


When trenching or excavating is not practical, ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited is able to provide the latest Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) equipment and experienced operators for jobs large and small. ATLAS’s HDD capabilities are backed by many years of leadership experience in the pipeline industry with a large portfolio of successful, completed projects. We’ve seen it all. We’ve worked with natural gas, crude, utility, telecom, and other pipeline projects. Guaranteed, on any given project, unforeseen challenges will present themselves. That’s when we step up to ensure your project exceeds your – as well as our – standards.
Our highly trained workforce uses specialized equipment which allows for the installation of the largest diameter pipelines in our industry (8″ up to 48″ diameter pipe). We have six of these specialized drills in our fleet. This equipment includes:
Vermeer rig capable of 1.3 million pounds’ pullback
Prime Drilling rig capable of 800,000 pounds’ pullback
Vermeer rig capable of 330,000 – 500,000 pounds’ pullback
American Auger rig capable of 240,000 pounds’ pullback
American Auger rig capable of 210,000 pounds’ pullback
Vermeer rig capable of 140,000 pounds’ pullback
With our experience in intersect boring, we can drill in excess of 20,000 feet. We also own other necessary support equipment, including power systems, drilling fluid reclaimer systems, drill stem, tooling and drilling support equipment so that your projects run more efficiently.
HDD Design and Surveying Capabilities
IR Prevention Plan
Down-Hole Pressure Monitoring

Specialists in Pipe Recovery and Rescue
Ability for Multiple Rigs on Site
Fleet of On- and Off-Road Trucks
Large Diameter Casing Installation
Experience with Drilling in all Soil Conditions
Extensive Experience in Technical Intersect Bores
Specialized Steering Systems
Pipe Ramming and Centralizing
Specialists in Hard Rock Applications
HDD is an economical and environmentally-friendly method for the installation of pipelines underneath roads, highways, railroads, rivers, wetlands and buildings. With United Piping, you get a team of the nation’s most experienced drillers with proven history.


It’s true that nothing lasts forever. Pipelines are no different; however, extending the life and protecting your valuable assets is another area where we excel.

The proper application of pipeline coatings is an essential element to the successful long-term integrity of a pipeline. ATLAS Ocean Drills Limited offers comprehensive pipeline blasting, coating, and painting services and we’ve invested heavily in the right people, tools, and equipment to ensure pipeline preservation.
We are experts in the spray application of multiple pipeline coatings and use the latest technology in Plural Component Spray Systems. We follow our clients’ specifications to the highest degree of accuracy to ensure a corrosion prevention coating system that will help extend the life of the pipeline.
Not only does ATLAS have its own Blasting / Coating / Painting facility, we also have mobile spray trailers, expanding our capabilities in the field for pipeline integrity digs, and maintenance projects.
Field External Liquid Coating for Below Ground
Field Paint System for Above Ground
Shop Application Below Ground External Liquid Coating
Shop Application Above Ground Paint